Sequential TOM Classics Cart


The mini cartridges I did a few years ago for the TOM turned out to be an unexpected hit, given how few TOMs were made. They were convenient but designed in somewhat of a hurry, each only holding a single 32kB ROM with 7 sounds.

I realised that it wouldn’t be much more expensive to roll several cartridges into a single multi-cartridge with a bank selection system. About this time, I also noticed that the physical dimensions of the cartridge cutout on the TOM are almost exactly the same as on the Commodore 64, and it would be possible to adapt a plastic cartridge shell intended for the C64 to work for this project. (Note that the edge connector and the electrical connections on the two are totally different)

Bank switching

The multi-cartridge holds 8 banks, which are cycled through by pressing the small button in the corner. A microcontroller reads the button input; cycles through the banks, also showing the current selection in binary form on 3 LEDs; and after advancing a bank, tells the drum machine to re-read the header data so it knows what sounds there are and how long they are.

Note to Tauntek TOM16 users – I’ve been informed that a small modification is required to the V1.1 board for the cartridge to work fully (otherwise you may get clicks at the ends of sounds). Details can be found here. V1.2 already has the modification.